LookOut | Control Ablation

Left: Ablated System
Right: Full System

Video Information

Fully Ablated Control: We film the same running scene with a pan twice. Once with the our full system and associated control as described in the paper and then once where we ablate both the leniency mechanism and actor weight smoothing from the control system. Note that the illustrated footage is sloweed down so telemetry is digesteable. The Star Footage shows the difference in jerkiness at normal video speed.

Ablated Multi-Actor Weighting: We film two actors with a script that's set up to transition between framing both of them and either of them, but with control ablated so that control weights are binary. Using binary weights for actor script transitions produces a nervous erratic camera at best, and usually leads to a broken take. This happens because the error $T_c$ goes from being entirely Actor2 focused to entirely Actor1 focused, and vice versa, in one time step. This spikes the PID controllers leading to erratic corrections and a nervous camera.

Video Telemetry Tracker Augmented Locations Pitch/Yaw Velocity Camera Orientatation Detections
& Tracks
Process Variance/Leniency
Sec. 6.1
Actor Weights Sec. 6.2 Script Info Camera Acceleration
Left: Ablated System Ours. No Leniency Mechanism, no smoothing. Binary. Not displayed.
Right: Full System Ours Not displayed.
Ablated Multi-Actor Weighting Ours Not Shown. Not available. No Leniency Zone, fixed variance (h). Binary. Not displayed. Not available.