Interactive Sketch-Driven Image Synthesis


We present an interactive system for composing realistic images of an object under arbitrary pose and appearance specified by sketching. Our system draws inspiration from a traditional illustration workflow: The user first sketches rough "masses" of the object, as ellipses, to define an initial abstract pose that can then be refined with more detailed contours as desired. The system is made robust to partial or inaccurate sketches using a reduced-dimensionality model of pose space learnt from a labelled collection of photos. Throughout the composition process, interactive visual feedback is provided to guide the user. Finally, the user's partial or complete sketch, complemented with appearance requirements, is used to constrain the automatic synthesis of a novel, high-quality, realistic image.

UPDATE (October 2016): This work is being presented at 1st Workshop on Visual Analysis of Sketches at ECCV 2016 as a poster.

UPDATE (September 2015): After publication at Computer Graphics Forum, we were pointed to Zou et al., "Sketch-based Shape Retrieval using Pyramid-of-Parts" which was published to arxiv several months earlier and contains related contributions. Our apologies to the authors for being unaware of this related work.

Demo Video

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CGF 2015
Interactive Sketch-Driven Image Synthesis
Daniyar Turmukhambetov, Neill D.F. Campbell, Dan B Goldman and Jan Kautz
Computer Graphics Forum 2015
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